Chalk's Ocean History


CHALK’S OCEAN is inspired by the original Chalk’s Ocean Airways and Chalk’s Flying Service, which date back to 1919. Started by aviator Pappy Chalk with nothing more than a single seaplane and an umbrella stuck in the sandy beaches of Miami, Florida, Chalk’s began flying celebrities, bootleggers, and any individual with a sense of adventure, throughout the Florida Keys, Bahamas and Caribbean.

Like the original Chalk’s, CHALK’S OCEAN is dedicated to providing you with a luxury experience in top destinations around the globe.

Charter a seaplane or helicopter via CHALK’S OCEAN, and feel a sense of adventure come back into your travels.

Charter a private yacht via CHALK’S OCEAN, and experience a rare, private luxury in an exotic destination.

Your experience is always catered by the CHALK’S OCEAN team.

Happy and safe travels!